Making a Dedicated Player

Install Homer Player on a dedicated device

Homer Player can be used to turn a tablet into a dedicated audiobook player. With the right configuration all the other apps can be hidden from the user. All that is left on the surface is the simple functionality of playing audiobooks.

This documentation is divided in three sections:

Getting started
Tells you how to install Homer Player, how to start using it and how to copy audiobooks to your tablet. This let's you thoroughly test the app before investing more time into configuring everything.
This section shows how to best configure a tablet for Homer Player including: disabling the lock screen, making Homer Player the "main" app and several other settings.
Setting up the full kiosk mode (optional)
The previous section shows how to make Homer Player the "main" app on your tablet by enabling a so-called simple kiosk mode.
This section shows how to set up the full kiosk mode that is more robust but also more difficult to configure.