Getting Started

Test Homer Player on your Android phone or tablet

1. Requirements

You need a smartphone or a tablet running the Android 5.0 system or newer.
You can also run the app on Android 4.3+ and the Kindle Fire tablets but there will be some limitations when making a dedicated player.

An internet connection is needed during installation but it is not necessary when listening to audiobooks.

2. Install Homer Player

Open the Play Store app on your tablet, search for "Homer Player" and tap "Install".

If your tablet doesn't have the Google Play Store (e.g. Kindle Fire), you can download the installation APK file directly from Open the downloaded file on your phone or tablet to install.

3. Open Homer Player

Text-to-Speech engine selection.

The first time you open Homer Player you may be prompted to choose a Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine. Choose one (Google is a safe bet - this can be changed later) and tap "Always".

Text-to-Speech is used by Homer Player to read audiobook titles. If it doesn't work, check the FAQ for help.

4. Play with the app

You can download sample audiobook excerpts from within the app so that you can start testing it right away.

Play, pause, swipe left and right to change books, test flip-to-stop and other features, tap the screen 5 times (while paused) to enter settings.

Flip to stop playback.

5. Copy your audiobooks to the device

First prepare the audiobooks on your computer:

Then copy the folders with audiobooks to the tablet:

  1. Connect the tablet to your Mac or PC with a USB cable. If you're using a Mac, you may need the Android file transfer tool.
  2. Copy your audiobooks to the tablet. Create a folder to put all audiobooks in the tablet's storage, e.g. Audiobooks (there may already be one). Put each audiobook in its own folder inside this main one. The folder name will be displayed and read as the book title.
  3. Open Homer Player, tap 5 times to open settings and choose "Audiobook folders" (if you haven't installed samples, just tap "Choose audiobooks folder"). Navigate to the Audiobooks folder you created earlier and select it.
  4. Go back, the app should now list your books.